When the silence becomes too loud, it's a podcast to the rescue!

I work from home two days a week. During those two days, I sometimes don’t utter a word. And sometimes I have no contact with other humans (aside from email).

I like being alone. In fact, I look forward to it after a full day in the office or out and about socialising, and I revel in my two days ‘WFH’ as my mate Judy calls it. I don my businesswoman coat, which feels solid and it’s colourful, and I love it. But sometimes, the silence can get a bit much.

To combat that, depending on my workload, I pop up the road for a coffee or do my groceries or run errands. But on those days when I can’t get away, I find that playing a podcast helps. It’s comforting to hear the human voice.

I listen to several podcasts (only when doing admin tasks or making lunch; I cannot listen and do my work at the same time), but there are two in particular I enjoy during work days: Off the Menu and Her Story of Success.

Off the Menu is a comedy podcast hosted by English comedians James Acaster and Ed Gamble. Their guest, often another comedian, is invited to share their most delicious menu, divined from meals they’ve had in their past or in their childhood homes; it’s whimsical as well as funny, and it’s about food. Sold.

Her Story of Success, hosted by Nashville-based women, Ellen Hoffman and Leah Hayes, this podcast is all about “sharing stories of women on their journeys of success and fulfilment”. The guests are wildly successful in my eyes, having built lives of their own creation, and generously share insights and practical advice. Faith is a common thread and the community spirit of Nashville shines through warmly, drawing me to visit that city one day.

I always feel better after listening to these shows. And, I love that podcasts are a thing. Others that I love include Chat 10 Looks 3 (from where I get many a reliable book/movie/cultural event recommendation), Tony Martin’s Sizzletown and Somehow Related.

Desanka Vukelich