Top 2 benefits of working from home: No makeup! No bra!

There are many, many benefits of working from home. #1 is not wearing a bra. #2 is not wearing makeup.

As any woman will tell you, going braless is akin to running into the ocean naked on a summer’s eve. The feeling of freedom is the kind that makes you throw your arms back, heart open to the sky and letting out a whoop of appreciation for the Goddess of Unencumbered Breasts. (For men, this may be going shirtless round the house, a freedom from the constriction of the button-up shirt and tie ensemble.)

Not wearing makeup is another major plus. Sometimes, I take my laptop and work from the café up the street. (I live in Collingwood. This is mandatory practice for freelancers.) More often than not, I don’t bother putting makeup on. The folks up there know me by now, and to be honest, they’re lucky if I’ve located my bra for those few hours out of the house.

So, women and men of the Working-from-home Brigade, can I get a Hallelujah for the little things, which, as with all little things, are really the big things that make daily life a pleasure, should we choose to accept that.

Desanka Vukelich