Fiction: proofreading

over 20 books for pantera press

Crime, Historical, Young adult, Memoir and Thriller genres, including Lynette Noni’s The Medoran Chronicles series and Sulari Gentill’s Rowland Sinclair series


Johnny Foolish by Julian Ledlin. All proceeds from sales of Johnny Foolish go to Médecins Sans Frontières


Drawing Round the Sun by Danny Pinn, Fizz Button Books, Sydney, 2015

Non-fiction: editing

Law reference

Law for Nurses and Midwives, Staunton and Chiarella, 8th ed, Elsevier, Sydney, 2016

Australian Insolvency Law, Symes, 2nd ed, LexisNexis, Sydney, 2013

Law for Nurses and Midwives, Staunton and Chiarella, 7th ed, Elsevier, Sydney, 2012

Family Provision in Australia, de Groot and Nickel, 4th ed, LexisNexis, Sydney, 2012

The International Arbitration Act 1974: A Commentary, Holmes and Brown, LexisNexis, Sydney, 2012

Laying Down the Law, Cook, Creyke, Hamer, LexisNexis, Sydney, 2011


The Guidebook to Happiness by Carl Massy