For The Love Of Words delivers the fastidious quality assurance you dream about.

As defined by IPEd, "proofreading involves checking that the document is ready to be published. It includes making sure that all elements of the document are included and in the proper order, all amendments have been inserted, the house or other set style has been followed, and all spelling or punctuation errors have been deleted."

Privacy guarantee

All client materials are handled with the highest level of security and the strictest confidentiality. For The Love Of Words will never discuss your materials with, nor disclose them to, anyone. All intellectual property rests with the author or publisher, as applicable.


For The Love Of Words is dedicated to providing the highest quality service and meeting your brief and deadline every time.


For the time being, I am unable to offer editing services due to other work commitments.

And there was that poor sucker Flaubert rolling around on his floor for three days looking for the right word.
— Dorothy Parker, The Art of Fiction No. 13, The Paris Review