Road trip podcast

I love road trips, and especially love travelling solo to (1) stop whenever I like (e.g. to taste-test an award-winning item from a country bakery. Hello Tatura Hot Bread vanilla slice! Gee, you were nice!) and (2) sing to my favourite songs (e.g. Italian Plastic by Crowded House. I also love podcasts, so on a drive home to Melbourne from Forbes last weekend, I was looking forward to finally listening to A Word In Your Ear.

Language expert Professor Roly Sussex appears on ABC Radio Brisbane’s Saturday morning show (hosted by Loretta Ryan) and discusses all manner of topics related to the English language. The eps I listened to were about the language of politeness, the letter u, and such homophones as ceiling and sealing. Callers ask their questions, and Prof. Sussex, who insists on being called Roly, answers them if he can, which seems to be most of the time. He is a fount of knowledge, and something about the sound of his voice is reassuring. Everyone is passionate, even when confounded, which is also most of the time. It’s a delight for word lovers and made for a fun few hours on the road. Give it a go!
Photographs: Billabong Creek, Jerilderie NSW, by Desanka Vukelich; Professor Roly Sussex, ABC Radio Brisbane.
Link: A Word In Your Ear

Desanka Vukelich